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Vacation Rental Policies
Payment Options: Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Personal Check,  

Mastercard or Visa, Wire Transfer

  • Check In: 4 p.m.
  • Check Out: 10 a.m.
  • Call for Rental Information 
  • $95 Cancellation Fee
  • Please review the Vacation Rental Agreement below for details 

Reservations require full payment within 21 days of check-in, otherwise  50% of Rental to hold/reserve your monthly rentals with balance due at 21 days.
Reservation Deposit required for all rentals.
   Fifty percent (50%) of rental is required to reserve your time frame on our calendar.  The balance is due 21 days prior to check-in.   
Policies at a glance...  
time cleaning fee for  Rental - $___  
Pet fee:   $___ per pet.  For larger outside dogs there is a doghouse and tie up area in yard.  Maximum Capacity is 8  people - There is a $___ charge for all persons staying in the home over 8 people at time of reservation.  (See below for addilitional details regards extra people after confirmed reservations.) 
Holiday Rental Surcharge is $_____  (Holiday weeks include New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

  • Cancellation Fee - $95.00 
  • FYI - We describe our holidays weeks as follows:  7 nights = 3 nights before the holiday, the actual holiday, and 3 nights after 
  • Spur of the moment trip?
    Less than 21 days prior to check-in?   Check our calendar to see what months may be open! or call 417-239-0360 to check on availability and for quick/alternative payment methods
    Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.
    Please note that if a reservation is made for a certain number of people (maximum capacity is 8) and more people decide to stay at the home while your reservation is in place - we will require an additional $_____ per person. - No exceptions!
  • We require a credit card on file during your stay. 
    Ozark Mountain Stone House - Sample Vacation Rental Agreement...
    Reservation/Damage Deposit: Fifty Percent of Rental Amount       Due within 7 days   Threservation deposit (50% of rental) must be received within 7 days of booking to ensure your time frame is blocked out for you on our calendar and is non-negotiable.  The reservation deposit is refundable until 21 days prior to check-in less $____ change/cancellation fee.  If any changes or cancellations occur within 1-20 days prior to check-in, the full advanced reservation deposit is not refundable but it is transferrable for a stay at a later date. There is a $___ change/cancellation fee  prior to 21 days. 

    The Rental Amount due including homes rental, cleaning fees and pet fees are to be paid in full (with cleared funds) no later than 21 days in prior to check in date (so be sure to mail your payment at least 5-7 days or forward the credit card authorization before the 21 day deadline).  Maximum Capacity of the home is 8 people.  There will be a charge of $___ per guest for all occupants over 8 during your rental stay.  There is a $___ charge per person for any guests staying at the home not previously listed on your Vacation Rental Agreement. 


    Your Confirmation is as follows:     Rental Dates:  

     Check In Date:             _______day, ___________, 2015    4:00 pm CST

     Check Out Date:         _______day, ___________, 2015     10:00 am CST

     No. of  People:             ­______  Adults       ______  Child      ______ Pets



    Amount Due

    Date Due

    Home Rental Rate






    Add’l nights



    Cleaning Fee



    Pet Fee



    Total Due



    Guest’s Name:      ________________________________________________________________________
    Guest’s  Address: _________________________________________________________________________ 
    Guest’s Telephone: Home___________________Cell_____________________Fax___________________ 
    Drivers License No.:__________________________ Vehicle Tag No._____________________________ 
    Guest’s Email:  __________________________________________________________________________ 
    Pet’s Name, Type and Size: _______________________________________________________________ 
    Emergency Contact Name & Number: _______________________________________________________ 
    In case of an emergency, please list below all guests names including children and pets that will be staying in the house. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________  

    Cancellation Policy:  $____ Cancellation Fee.  Other fees see above.  

     Below are the Rules, Regulations, Helpful Hints and Guidelines for Guests that should be followed at the Ozark Mountain Stone House.  Be sure to sign and initial where indicated and return a copy of this with your reservation deposit/payment.  Thank you.

     Rules, Guidelines and Helpful Hints for Guests

    This home has been in our family for close to 60 years and we have decided that it was time to begin sharing this wonderful turn of the century home with other vacationers to Branson, Missouri. 

     A little history … this home was originally built in the late 1890’s and was officially completed with a move in date of January 2, 1900.   Initially the house consisted of just the front porch, the dining and living room with the two bedrooms upstairs – all surrounding the fireplace, which was the only source of heat at that time.  In 1932, the house was enlarged and renovated to include the new modern conveniences of indoor plumbing and electricity.  Throughout the years it has also been updated by adding central air and heat, cable, telephone, a modern kitchen and first floor laundry facility. 

    We are sure your stay at the Stone House Rental in Branson, Missouri will be enjoyable and memorable.  Since this is our family home, we ask that you respect the antiques and little quirks this house may have (our biggest fear are damages) so be sure to let us know as soon as possible is anything is broken or not working.  Be courteous to the next family that may stay here and please tell us if you find or see anything that needs replacing (like light bulbs, etc).  Please sign our guest book and we hope to see you again soon.

     Helpful hints & little quirks …

    At this time, there is no mailbox (as it was run over by an 18 wheeler and we have chosen not to replace it).  If you need to receive mail or deliveries, please use FedEx, UPS or the like. The physical property address is:  425 State Highway 265, Hollister, MO 65672

    Condiments and sundries:   There should be a supply of sugar, flour, salt, pepper, spices, coffee filters, etc.  Bathing bars of soap are furnished but you should bring your shampoo, coffee, creamer and other items for your convenience.  There is a Country Mart grocery store about 3-4 miles away in Hollister – just north on Highway 65.  Ask Country Mart for a courtesy card to save on food bill.  There is a gas station, two pizza places, Walgreens, Dollar General Store, Harter House Grocer, Mexican food restaurant, KFC, McDonalds and pharmacy at that exit as well.

    Plumbing:   The bathrooms have been updated and renovated but this is still an old house with the old original plumbing and septic system.  Please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet paper.  (This includes cigarettes, child wipes, diapers, sanitary wipes, female products, cat litter, etc.)  You do not want the drains to back up on your vacation!

    Water:   The house is on a well.  The water is perfect, cold and great to drink right from the tap.  Please be especially conscientious of any running water (like a toilet or washing machine).  

    Refrigerator:  Try not to leave any food that will spoil in the refrigerator when you leave. You may leave condiments and canned food and beverages. If you use the last of something that has been provided, please be courteous to the next guest and replace it. The icemaker is broken but we have provided you with the initial bag of ice.  You can purchase bags of ice and put them in the ice container. The refrigerator door dispensers for ice and water do work.

    Kitchen Info  - The kitchen is fully stocked with all kinds of cooking equipment and appliances ...  Numerous coffee makers, cappucino  machine, tea kettle, toaster and blender.  There are marshmellow roasting sticks, grilling utensils and apron.

    Stove:  This is a ceramic cook top.  Please use the Ceramabrite product and sponge under the sink for cleaning and then wipe off with water.

    Kitchen Sink:  The garbage disposal is on the left side only.  Please do not allow food, coffee grounds, etc go down the right side sink drain as it could clog the pipes.

    Dishes:  Guests are responsible for washing dishes and putting them away.  Please do not leave dishes in dishwasher when you vacate unless they are clean and are ready to be put away.  Toaster is located in drawer by stove.

    Washing Machine:   Washer and dryer are large capacity machines but you should either bring or purchase your laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

    Linens:  Clean linens are on beds and fresh towels are in each room.  An extra supply of linens and towels (and iron and ironing board) are in the closet outside of the downstairs bathroom.  However if you feel more comfortable you can bring your own bedding (queen size) and towels. When leaving please remove the sheets from the beds and place dirty towels in laundry room area for the housekeeper.    No Maid Service – While towels and linens are provided, daily maid service is not.  Also located in linen closet are two hair dryers, curling iron fans and space heaters. There are also fans and space heaters located in the bedrooms along with extra pillows and blankets.

    Vacuum & Cleaning Supplies:   Vacuum is in laundry room as well as cleaning supplies. There are more supplies under the sinks and should be used as necessary to keep your rental clean.

    Air Conditioner:  Thermostat is located in the hallway just outside the bathroom on the first floor.  Please turn thermostat to 55 degrees in winter and 75 degrees in summer at the end of your stay. 

    Gas Grill:  Gas grill is located near/outside the carport.  It has gas in the tank but if it runs out during your stay, please either replace it for your continued use or notify us that it is empty when you leave.

    Front Porch and Upstairs Porch:  The cushions should be on the wicker furniture, if not they may be found under the buffet in the dining room and cushions for the upstairs porch furniture are located on the steps.  This is definitely one place you will want to visit a lot while staying here.  The sun rises in the east archway and sets in the west archway and the breeze and view can’t be beat.  Just sit in the swing and sip iced tea, lemonade or hot chocolate.

    Fire Pit:   There is a fire pit just below the house.  It is a great place to relax in the evening and roast marshmellows or hotdogs and play guitar and sign campfire songs.  There is a supply of green lawn chairs that you can use by the fire pit or anywhere else in the yard and are located in the carport.  There are roasting sticks in the panty in the kitchen.  Although there is usually some fire wood around it is not always provided.  
    Horse Shoe Pit:   Horse shoes provided.

    Garden Area:  This garden belongs to my neighbors and is not for picking.  However, I have known the gardener, my father  (his name is “Willis”)  to offer fresh vegetables to guests.  If you see him say “hi” and he may offer you something good to eat or you may find a bag of whatever is coming up on your back porch.

    Garbage:   Garbage can is located in the carport.  Please keep the lid on it so animals will not look for their next meal.  Garbage is collected on Thursday night or very early Friday morning.

    Internet access:  We now have high speed internet by cable and is located upstairs in the small office.

    Upstairs Office:   Located in the office is the computer high speed hook-up, two foldaway cots, some child toys and games.  There is also two leaves for the dining room table.

    Cable TV:  The TV’s located in the living room, master bedroom, and four poster bedroom upstairs are on cable.  The other two bedrooms have rabbit ears with Digital TV boxes.  There is a DVD player and  VCR located at the TV in the living room.  There is a DVD and VCR movie library and many childrens shows.

    Smoking:  NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE!  Please.   You may smoke on the front porch downstairs or the small porch upstairs or anywhere outside.  Please dispose of “butts” appropriately and do not put them down the toilet or throw in the yard.

    Ceiling Height:  Tall people beware!.  Upstairs the hallway and one bedroom have a ceiling height of 6’5”.  You will also want to “Watch your Head” when you go down the steps and when visiting the upper porch area.

    Pets:    We understand that guests will travel with pets.  Pet fees are $___  per pet.  Please try to limit your indoor pets to 30 pounds. Pet rules and regulations include that they be house broken. Please do not allow your pets on the furniture (as this evidence will incur extra cleaning fees).  Guests are financially responsible for cleanup and restoration and agree to pay for any and all damage caused by their pets. This includes the interior premises, grounds, floorings, walls, doors, trim, finishes, tiles, carpeting, furniture, or any stains as a result of the pets behavior.   Please note that this is a nonrefundable pet fee and not a pet deposit.  This money will be used exclusively for cleaning, spraying and disinfecting after each stay of a pet so that the next guests will have the same clean and sterile house to vacation in.  Please note that the home owners assume no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets or humans while on the premises.   Initial here  __________ for Pets                 Initial here ___________for No Pets

    Security Deposit:    This has now been changed to require a credit card authorization on file for any fees related to excessive damages or missing items.  We hope nothing happens but just in case please let us know immediately so we can fix or repair any items before the next guests check-in.

    Misc. – Rate Changes – Rates subject to change without notice.   Falsified Reservations – Any reservation obtained under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and rental money and the party will not be allow to check in.  Written Exceptions – Any exceptions made to these polices must be approved in advance and in writing.  Maximum Capacity:  Maximum Capacity of the Stone House is 8 people.  There will be a charge of $___ per guest for all occupants over 8 during your rental stay.  There is a $___ charge per person for any guests staying at the home not previously listed on your Vacation Rental Agreement. Holiday Surcharge is $_______. Holiday timeframe is described as 3 days before and after the holiday.  

    Refund Policy – The Advanced Reservation Deposit (equal to ½ of rental fees) is fully refundable 21 days prior to check-in less a $_____ change/cancellation fee.  If any changes or cancellations occur within 1-20 days prior to check-in the deposit amount is non-refundable but your dates are changeable.  However, should you decide to change your stay to a later date, the advanced reservation deposit is transferrable but no refunds will be given within 21 days of check-in and will incur a $____ change/cancellation fee.  (Refund is considered when home gets rented in place of your stay.

    Handicapped Accessibility:   This house is not suitable for wheel chairs, walkers, etc. as it is two stories with no elevator.  There is ground level access in the front of the home (not at the rear of the house in carport area).

    Guest Book:  Please be sure to sign our guest book before you leave and indicate the date, your name, and what city and state you are from.

    Off Limit Areas:   The door to the basement located in the kitchen area is locked and is off limits to guests. The outside garage door to the basement is off limits to guests.  There is a door to the attic in the bedroom at the top of the stairs.  This area is off limits to guests.  There is an old chicken coop on the property, please keep away from this area.

    There is a walking trail that starts behind the house and to the right beyond the standing old metal fence gate.  Follow that down the hill and then to a large area for hiking and exploring.  There are plenty of deer and squirrel and other wildlife to see, but please beware of your surroundings … we have seen or have been told that there is other not so friendly wild life animals on this property (like snakes, skunks, cougars, bobcats, mountain lions and years ago a black bear).   Make sure you have a supply of OFF! Or the like and maybe some calamine lotion.  We do spray the main hiking trails, house and yard for ticks, fleas and bugs but if you wander off then be careful of insects.

     There are numerous items that previous guest leave at the house and are not always guaranteed to be there such as laundry soap, various condiments (mustard ketchup and the like) and paper plates etc.  There are also a few neighbors around (not to close by) so please be courteous to them and stay on the road behind their houses to get to the hiking and exploring areas.  There are also barbed wire fences that separate our hiking trails and land from the conservation land (if you make it that far hiking) so please be careful and watch out for these. 

     If you have any questions or experience any problem with the home please call us at ____________.

    I/We and all of our guests have read these guidelines and will agree to follow them to ensure a great stay at the Stone House Vacation Rental.   Enjoy yourself and your vacation time in Branson, MO… your deserve it!

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